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Handling complex environments

October 26, 2023

From preventing costly agent burnout to inspiring brand loyalty, a streamlined customer experience can be game-changing to stand above the competition.

Roll out and manage complex customer experience strategies faster.

When you’re responsible for customer experience in an industry such as financial services, insurance, or healthcare, you know CX matters more than ever. In fact, 73% of customers expect companies to understand their unique needs and expectations.1

Many of your customers seek help via phone or text. Those interactions are critical to their satisfaction with your organization — which is why your automated voice and SMS solutions need to be highly scalable and resilient, yet agile and flexible enough for you to update easily.

Many turnkey automation platforms, however, are too limited to handle today’s complex environments.

Delivering excellent CX for today’s customers’ demands increased complexity and customization. That’s why many leading companies now find API platforms to be the ideal solution. APIs let companies roll out and manage even the most complex customer service strategies, with the flexibility to tailor solutions to scale and budget.

Scale your systems with confidence

The right API can help your developers build customer interactions that are easy to scale to meet changing demand. Unlike legacy systems, an API platform gives them the flexibility to:

  • Use — and pay for — only the features and as much capacity as desired
  • Upgrade and adapt interactions without the expense and delays of relying on third parties
  • Adjust usage up and down dynamically as demand changes
  • Tailor feature set and controls to adapt to your customers’ needs

With the right API, you can build an automated system, perfectly scaled to your needs, that delivers world-class customer engagement and reinforces your brand with every interaction.

You’ll also get carrier-grade capacity, fault tolerance, and reliability to make sure those interactions keep customers satisfied 24/7/365.

Simplify even the most complex customer journey

Handling high volumes of calls and SMS messages — and all the possible responses customers in your industry might require — is a huge, complex job. Can your current system not only handle the volume but resolve most customers’ interactions to their satisfaction.

API tools give your developers the ability to build a system that makes it happen.

With the right API, they can build a system that simplifies the management of thousands of phone numbers and easily points them to a combination of destinations. It can open new queues in real time, add self-service inside of interactive voice response (IVR) applications or SMS-based chatbots, and stand up ad-hoc network announcements in real time to communicate time-sensitive information to your customers quickly without disrupting your infrastructure.

Maintain the highest levels of compliance and security

Financial services, insurance, and healthcare deal with customers’ most sensitive information, so it’s crucial that your automated customer service systems run with the highest levels of security.

The right API can deliver the ironclad security you need:

  • HIPAA-compliant systems for agent and self-service
  • Level 1 PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) certified
  • Data encrypted with TLS/HTTPS

Use world-class tools for world-class CX

You need the right API to build interactions that handle the most complex customer interactions. For many organizations, FreeClimb has proven to be the right API.

FreeClimb API gives your developers the scalability, simplicity, and security they need to build systems that handle the most complex multi-point customer service strategies, tailored to the precise needs of your organization.

FreeClimb delivers all the basic features developers need to build solid voice and SMS interactions, plus advanced features to provide a trustworthy and more streamlined approach to build truly amazing experiences. These tools create the kind of interactions that inspire brand loyalty by helping your customers navigate complex issues with ease.

To learn more about how FreeClimb API can help you navigate the most complex environments — download our free infographic. You’ll see how your team can immediately benefit from a robust toolset and proven platform to build solutions that will exceed your customers’ expectations.

1 Salesforce, Nearly 90% Of Buyers Say Experience a Company Provides Matters as Much as Products or Services, May 2022

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