First in a series.

If you love development challenges, and enjoy that free web-based word game everyone’s playing, here’s a challenge for you:

  • Build an SMS version of the game with a simple D Jones application using your free trial account of the flexible, enterprise-grade FreeClimb API.
  • At some point, you’ll need to clone a repository to a Big Hut interface and create a .env file in an erotic dry root.

Um, what?
The bolded terms above are anagrams of common coding terms — that is, they’re terms you know, but with all the letters mixed up. If you can solve them, you’ll probably do great at this challenge.

While you’re thinking about those — no peeking ahead! — let’s get started with the challenge. I built this myself a couple of weekends ago, and now I’ve got my mom playing it. I can’t wait to see how you solve it!

Bring on the challenge!

The object of this first challenge is to create a version of that super-popular word game that anyone can play using SMS messaging. (Let’s call it “SMordle.”) Your Aunt Shirley should be able to play the game on her phone without knowing or using any code whatsoever. Here are the requirements for the game I created:

  1. SMordle communicates with the player via SMS messages.
  2. SMordle works like the popular game:
    1. Your application establishes a 5-letter answer word for the player to guess.
    2. The player tries to guess the word by texting 5-letter words.

      indicates that a letter is in the answer word and in the correct position

      indicates that a letter is in the answer word but not in the correct position

      indicates that the letter is not in the answer word at all

    3. The game host application texts back feedback in the form of colored tiles:
    4. The player gets six guesses to match the answer word.
    5. The game host must enable unique responses for players who win the game and those who do not.
  3. BONUS if you enable the player to copy their results as an emoji suitable for sharing.

Building SMordle with the FreeClimb API

To create your SMS version of the super-popular web-based word game, I recommend building a simple Node.js application that receives an SMS message and sends a reply. Here are some more guidelines that may help you build SMordle:

  1. Use your ear filter — er, free trial — for the FreeClimb API to build SMordle.
  2. If you haven’t started your free trial, you can sign up for one here. (It’s free. 😀)
  3. You can use any tools from the FreeClmb API.
  4. Use this GitHub list to supply answer words.
  5. When your application receives a message
  6. When your application sends a message
  7. When you want to create an emoji

1|   const solution = (process.env.SOLUTION).toLowerCase()
2|      const processAttempt = (text) =>
4|      text.toLowerCase().split('').map((letter, i) => {
6|           if (solution[i] === letter) return `🟩`
7|           if (solution.includes(letter)) return `🟨`
8|            return `⬛️`
11|          }).join('')

I figure you’ll catch on pretty quickly, because FreeClimb was built by developers like you and me — developers who don’t just build applications for a living, but who do it because they love being able to create something new and awesome. All you need is a few world-class tools and your own creative mind.

Have questions about using FreeClimb? Want a little extra insight? Visit our Support page and dive in.

Solutions to the anagrams at the beginning of the article

If you haven’t figured them out already ….

  • D Jones = Node.js
  • Big Hut = GitHub
  • Erotic dry root = Root directory

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Look for challenge #2 soon!