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What do I do if I’m having an issue with my account or the platform?

If you have an issue with your account or questions about the platform, you can fill out our contact form and we’ll get back to you within one business day. We also regularly monitor the FreeClimb tag on Stack Overflow during business hours (Monday through Friday, 9am – 5pm CST). If you encounter an issue with the platform, you can log into the dashboard and submit a ticket.

Where can I give feedback to the developers?

To provide feedback, please contact support and include in the message that you’d like to speak with a developer. We will respond to your initial message within one business day.

How can I use more than one phone number?

FreeClimb trial accounts are limited to one phone number at a time. If you wish to use a different number, you must first delete your current number and then buy a new one. To buy and use multiple numbers at the same time, you can Upgrade your account. For more information about trial account limitations, please reference Using Your Trial Account.

Where can I read about what’s changed on the platform or see release notes?

All FreeClimb release notes and other important API information can be found in the Changelog.

What’s the difference between the REST API and Performance Command Language (PerCL)?

The REST API handles application-initiated actions and making requests to your application while PerCL is a command language which you can use to direct the API. For example, if a call comes onto the platform for a number you’ve purchased and assigned to an application, the REST API will make a request to that application at the endpoint you’ve specified. In your application’s response to the request, you can return PerCL that instructs the API what to do with the call. For more information on what PerCL and the API can do, please reference FreeClimb Docs.

Does the platform have some standard built-in grammars for voice recognition for standard things like numbers and currencies or do I have to write my own?

You have the option to write your own grammars or you may use third-party speech recognition tools, such as Google Cloud’s Speech-to-Text. When the platform receives the text that Google (or the tool of your choice) has created, it can proceed with the subsequent actions you have requested. We are also actively seeking ways to improve this feature, so stay tuned.

Why do I need to verify an outbound number with my trial account?

To prevent misuse of the platform and keep FreeClimb free of spammers, all trial users are required to verify outbound numbers prior to use. For information on how to verify outbound numbers, please reference Using Your Free Trial Account. NOTE: only US numbers are supported at this time.

Why should I choose a Toll-free Number vs a Local Number?

Toll-free and Local Numbers differ in various characteristics such as capability and cost, so they should be selected based on your specific use case. For instance, while Toll-free Numbers have App to Person (A2P) SMS capabilities, they cost a little more than a Local Number to send and receive messages. To match your use case with the most appropriate type of number, please reference Choosing a Number.

How can I use short codes for my SMS messages?

This feature is not yet available for most users. Contact sales at for more details.

What types of audio files are supported for recording?

FreeClimb supports playback of single-channel, 8 kHz, 8-bit μ-law WAV files. These files must be stored in a location that is available via URL. You can convert files to this format using an audio editor. Audacity is a free, open source option.

  1. Import the source audio.
  2. Adjust the project rate to 8 kHz.
  3. If the source is recorded in more than one channel, convert it to mono.
  4. Export the track, selecting the μ-law encoding.
How can I test the API without setting up a server?

You can start by using the API Explorer Try It feature in the API Reference section. Once you’ve created an account, you can use your account ID and API key, found on your Dashboard Profile page, to make requests to the REST API. Modify the parameters, authenticate with your account ID as “username” and your API key as “password.” For a quick demonstration of the API, try sending yourself an SMS message. We are actively exploring newer and easier ways for users to test our platform, so stay tuned for updates.

The FreeClimb support team is available Monday – Friday, 9-5pm CST to answer any and all inquiries.

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We monitor the FreeClimb tag on Stack Overflow for your questions regarding how-tos, error messages, and more. You can expect a response from us or other FreeClimb users within a day – and make sure to tag your questions with FreeClimb!

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