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Enable your apps with industry-leading voice

Our API was born and raised within the enterprise environment – so it’s ready to live in yours. Powerful, flexible, affordable. Give your applications an upgrade.

FreeClimb Voice API
Voice calls

Unrivaled voice quality

Our platform uses industry-leading voice and audio analysis technology to continually evaluate and optimize the quality and character of voice interactions.

cache manager

More savings, more control

With our RFC-compliant cache manager, you can reduce bandwidth costs by caching your audio on our systems and decide how long FreeClimb keeps the file.

Enterprise-grade support

Expert technical support

From technical questions to consultative guidance, FreeClimb users have access to enterprise-grade support from experienced developers.

FreeClimb Voice API features

Feature overview

FreeClimb delivers the features your customers want with best-in-class reliability and stability.

  • Control inbound and outbound calls

  • Click-to-call

  • Call recording

  • Toll-free numbers

  • Local numbers

  • Network queuing

  • Privacy mode

  • Speech recognition

  • Text to speech

  • Voicemail and answering machine detection

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