Voice, SMS, and IVR

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FreeClimb was developed with one goal in mind: to help developers do their jobs well by allowing them to integrate telephony technologies into their software with a simple to use API.

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Voice Quickstart
SMS Quickstart
Voice API


  • Control inbound and outbound calls
  • Make new outbound calls on their own or during an ongoing call
  • Add or remove calls from a queue
  • Record an entire phone call or just a caller’s voice responses
Messaging API


  • Send and receive SMS messages from a phone number or short code
  • Initiate outbound messages on their own or during phone calls
  • Schedule multiple messages with a single API using message queuing
  • All phone numbers are configured for both voice and SMS messaging


  • Automate interactions with a caller using voice and phone keypad input
  • Play back audio files and use text-to-speech to communicate with the caller
  • Collect account information before routing the call to an agent
  • Voice enable your existing apps

By developers, for developers

FreeClimb was made for developers, which is why we skipped the cute name and fluffy marketing to focus on the stuff that actually matters.

Expert-level engineering. Enterprise-grade support. A product backed by a 28+ year, highly-available platform.

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