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Why FreeClimb API

October 26, 2023

Can your CX solution readily adapt to specific, ever-changing needs? Customizable, efficient, and optimized to scale, FreeClimb API provides all the range you need to elevate your customer experience.

Delight your customers with personalized care — and stay ahead of innovation — with FreeClimb API.

It’s harder to hit a moving target than a stationary one. And it’s even harder if the ground beneath you is moving, too.

Yet that’s where you may find yourself if you’re responsible for an organization’s automated customer service. Customer expectations are the moving target — changing faster and more radically than ever before. You must react to rising customer expectations and personalized experience on the one hand, while your organization demands more automation and efficiency on the other hand.

Meanwhile, the ground beneath you continues to shift, as you fight to stay ahead of new innovations in automated interactions that move the competitive fault lines seemingly every week.

Yet delivering an excellent customer experience is more important than ever. 65% of consumers find a positive experience with a brand to be more influential than great advertising.1

So how do you deliver consistently excellent automated interactions — especially in complex industries such as financial services, insurance, and healthcare — when customer expectations keep rising and technology keeps changing?

The answer is FreeClimb API. FreeClimb gives you direct access to scalable, flexible, world-class telephony and communications technology that gives your developers the control to address ever-evolving customer expectations and operational efficiencies — and stay ahead of the increasing pace of innovation.

The dual challenge for customer service

Changing customer expectations and accelerated technological innovation are a dual challenge for customer service professionals.

Customers have always expected instant gratification from automated systems. Yet today, they’ve also come to expect these interactions to be personalized—fully accurate and up-to-date about their particular circumstances. And, especially since the pandemic paused many in-person interactions, customers even expect automated systems to convey empathy for them.

At the same time, advances keep accelerating innovation in the technologies available to meet those rising expectations. But this rapid innovation can leave you feeling like your operation is always chasing the next crucial feature.

FreeClimb API helps meet both challenges, because it’s based on the world-class telephony and communications technology of Vail Systems. Thanks to Vail’s continued focus on future innovation, FreeClimb helps your developers create CX that can meet the highest customer expectations with the peace of mind that it will keep pace with the latest advances such as AI and machine learning.

The freedom to build a flexible, customizable solution

Your automated interactions must satisfy customers’ needs completely and efficiently, with the personalization and empathy they’ve come to expect.

Your developers need the right tools to build those kinds of customized interactions. Many legacy automation platforms, however, are too restrictive to give them the necessary options. And open-source code may force developers to “Frankenstein” solutions that can slow deployment, burden operations, and create risk.

FreeClimb API gives your developers the freedom they need, with features that:

  • Provide personalized interactive voice response (IVR)
  • Deliver customizable interactive SMS solutions
  • Seamlessly provide real-time conferencing
  • Enable personal appointment reminders
  • Enable dozens of other essential interactions that your developers can customize to your brand’s personality

FreeClimb API gives you the flexibility to build automated interactions that fulfill the highest customer expectations.

Enterprise-level experience, innovation, and expertise

No matter how rapidly technology evolves, you’ll never feel like you’re playing catch-up with FreeClimb API — because it’s powered by Vail Systems.

With 30-plus years of enterprise-level experience, innovation, and expertise in designing customer-friendly experiences, Vail builds highly scalable, fault-tolerant software and cloud services for Fortune 500 companies. Vail innovations make billions of customer interactions better every year.

That’s how FreeClimb API gives you the tools to roll out and manage even the most complex multi-point customer service strategies, with the flexibility and control to tailor your solutions to scale and budget. Not to mention carrier-grade capacity, fault tolerance, reliability, and security.

With FreeClimb API, technology will never evolve faster than your ability to keep up with it.

The ideal platform for building satisfying customer experiences

You can meet customers’ ever-rising expectations — and stay ahead of ever-evolving technology — with FreeClimb API.

FreeClimb API gives your developers the freedom, versatility, and reliability they need to create customized, world-class interactions, with the ability to scale them up or down quickly to match changing needs. It delivers all the basic features they need to build superior voice and SMS interactions, plus advanced tools such as video sharing and conference calling that let them build truly amazing experiences.

See why FreeClimb API is the ideal platform for building today’s most satisfying customer experiences — and tomorrow’s.

Get a closer look at FreeClimb API and download our infographic today.

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