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Vail Enhanced Network Services

Available à la carte or bundled, our enhanced network services provide our customers peace of mind, control, and freedom.

Vail Routing and Call Control

Vail Routing and Call Control (RACC) is a powerful cloud-based voice routing engine that also serves as a platform on which a full suite of our enhanced network services and voice technologies can be customized and configured to create robust application solutions for our customers.

RACC lets both IT/operations and business-level users control key elements of voice services at the network level — including directing inbound customer voice calls made to local or toll-free numbers to a combination of destinations with advanced routing and network transfer rules. Destinations can include:

  • OnNet (within the dedicated voice network)
  • OffNet (DID or toll-free)
  • SIP  (IP addresses)
  • Network-hosted emergency messages or announcements

RACC also contains configurable call retry logic and Alternate Destination Routing (ADR) functions for flexible and automatic failover capabilities. Plus, RACC integrates with a variety of CCaaS platforms or premise-based IVR (Interactive Voice Response), ACD (Automatic Call Distribution), and CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) systems, so routing logic can be configured within RACC natively and/or in concert with centrally-managed business rules.

Advanced Features

  • Network call recording

  • Network queuing

  • Network IVR

  • Geographical routing

  • Pre-route messages

  • Cradle-to-grave reporting

  • Vail Voice Clarity Measurement and Enhancement (VCME)

  • Vail Risk Scoring Services (RSS)

  • Prosodica Contact Center Analytics

  • Versay Conversational AI Solutions

Vail Voice Clarity Measurement and Enhancement

Voice Clarity Measurement and Enhancement (VCME) is patented digital signal processing technology that scores and improves speech intelligibility in real-time, Customers using VCME enjoy calls that are more efficient, more satisfying, and more successful.

Voice Clarity Measurement provides a single score based on several clarity indicators for each leg of a call. This score offers objective feedback on the call quality of both carriers and contact centers in the call path.

Voice Clarity Enhancement delivers benefits for the three most watched metrics in a contact center – call handle time, repeat call rates, and customer satisfaction scores – by selectively enhancing voice frequencies and removing distractions like background noise and static from the caller’s and agent’s environments.

Vail Risk Scoring Services

Vail Risk Scoring Services (RSS)  is a cloud-based solution with an open architecture that supports continuous evaluation and integration with third-party data and services. It features historical calling data, STIR/SHAKEN verification and carrier screening services, and optional risk scoring tools for creating real-time risk scores.

This highly flexible scoring allows for the streamlining of both IVRs and agent handling for low-risk calls while targeting high-risk calls for more robust treatment.

RSS results can be provided through SIP signaling, a real-time API, and post-call reporting to minimize IT support dependencies.

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