AI-Powered Automated Customer Care

Deliver advanced intelligent assistants across channels with the friendliness and usefulness your customers deserve

Versay Conversational AI

Designed and engineered for enterprise contact centers, our cloud-based, Conversational AI solutions help companies deliver flexible, automated customer care across multiple channels and languages at scale using advanced machine-learning technology to make customer experience feel proactive, personal, and painless.

Contextual and Consistent

Omnichannel is one of those buzzwords that gets tossed around with the promise that your customers can reach your business whenever and however they want. But that alone does not guarantee a good experience.

Our platform uses a unified, centralized dialog flow manager and universal profile manager to maintain context across all supported channels (voice, 10DLC and toll-free SMS, chat, etc.). This ensures a consistent, personalized customer experience while reducing maintenance costs and simplifying call center operations.

Next-Generation Technology

Many intelligent agent or “bot” companies will offer templated solutions that promise “turn-key” self-service for your customers. But these options are often too basic and inevitably fall short of expectations as your business grows. With Versay Conversational AI, you can expect next-generation capabilities at highly competitive price points.

Advanced options include custom voice transcription and natural language models that are trained locally on domain-specific, client-specific, and application-specific data to go beyond the limits of general purpose models and legacy ASR. And seamless integration with major CCaaS providers, back-end CRMs, and payment portals provide the best personalization and transitions between and across service layers.

Versay Callback

It’s great to offer customers the option to receive a call back when hold times get too long. It’s even better to be able to manage when and how your customers receive calls with the convenience of a secure real-time admin portal or API.

Versay Callback gives our customer the ability to quickly change under what circumstances (e.g., queue depth, queue type, time of day, customer profile, self-service experience, etc.) to offer a call back to their end customers. They can also configure and monitor multiple applications and queues independently and provide a call back at any point in the customer journey.

With Versay Callback, enterprises reduce costs by mitigating the strain on their contact centers when call volume spikes unexpectedly while also giving customers choice with the reassurance that their issue will be handled.

Versay Survey

Create dynamic, branded surveys and deliver them to customers via voice, chat, or SMS, whichever method works best for them. Plus, with support for a wide range of qualitative and quantitative question types (e.g. yes/no, satisfaction scale, multiple choice, and open-ended response) that can change dynamically based on responses, your customers can provide insightful, immediate feedback in the manner they prefer.

Open-ended voice responses are saved, transcribed, analyzed, summarized, and aggregated automatically at scale, saving time while giving customers the opportunity to be heard in their own words. And with Versay Callback support, you can connect with a customer when a response requires immediate attention and deliver on the promise their feedback truly is important.

Professional Services

Whether it’s understanding or optimizing your end customer’s experience, our experts can help guide your efforts and ensure success.

Customer Journey Mapping

Team up with one of our expert user researchers to take a deep dive into your customer experience. This consulting engagement is designed to:

  • Benchmark your current customer experience across communication channels
  • Help you to understand customer behavior needs and motivations
  • Identify gaps and areas of opportunity
  • Create a plan of action to increase customer satisfaction and other KPIs

Usability Services

Evaluating aggregated user data is great for trends, but some of the very best insights come from in-depth user interviews and hands-on usability testing. While our analytics tools provide the quantitative view, our usability and user research services provide a high-fidelity qualitative view into what makes your customers tick. Get insights into what’s working and what’s not working right now — insights that will inform the best way to design and build what’s next.

Designed for Your Needs

Every modern company has unique business needs, diverse stakeholders, and multiple communication channels. That’s why our Conversational AI solutions are highly customizable with modular, proven components that:

  • Seamlessly traverse voice, web chat, SMS, mobile, and contact centers
  • Maintain context and a consistent conversational experience across all channels via a centralized action server and user preference manager
  • Deliver highly accurate voice transcriptions and natural language understanding using custom models trained on local, client-specific data
  • Support multiple languages with a consistent high-quality experience
  • Provide advanced analytics and reporting capabilities in real time, including aggregated trend views, system utilization metrics, and data-rich interaction recaps for unprecedented customer experience insight

The end result? A powerful and adaptable solution that elegantly understands and resolves your customers’ inquiries wherever and whenever they need your services most.

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