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Prosodica Contact Center Analytics

Unlock conversation insights with AI-based conversation scoring to assess customer experience, risk, and probability assessments and create more effective interactions.

How something is said is arguably more important than what is said when evaluating the effectiveness of a conversation. Prosodica Contact Center Analytics measures hundreds of data points to assess the conversational behaviors that lead to efficient conversations and exemplary customer experiences.

Prosodica Assess

Traditional contact center metrics tend to under-focus on customer and agent experiences. Prosodica Assess gives you data-based insights into the actual conversational experience — insights you’ll find vital to helping contact center operations efficiently and consistently deliver exemplary customer interactions.

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Prosodica Collect

Strained collections conversations hurt promise rates and employee engagement. Prosodica Collect helps you see each conversation as part of a longer negotiation, setting the tone for more empathetic and constructive conversations that deliver more collected value to the organization in the long run.

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Prosodica Recover

The occasional failed conversation is inevitable, but it often makes a disproportionately negative impact on customer satisfaction, costs, and revenue. AI monitoring via Prosodica Recover can identify these rare but important failures while providing a technology-assisted path to remediation.

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Prosodica Engage

Modern contact center employees in hybrid or work-from-home environments may not benefit from face-to-face coaching or other soft-skills development techniques. Prosodica Engage helps you give frequent, unbiased, and personalized performance feedback that fosters lasting employee engagement and sustainable performance.

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